The Story behind “Idraink Store” and her latest NFT collection



Tell us about yourself (What’s your name, who are you and what’s your artistic background?) 

Hello, my name is Phonphiphat Nokthong, My nickname is Irin, I graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Department of Graphic Arts, Burapha University.  Currently working as a Graphic Designer at a corporate company.

Have you worked as a professional artist before? And what is it?

No, I haven’t.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Yes, it does. Because art allows me to express my thoughts freely.  It has brought creativity, satisfaction and happiness  to our own lives. Art helps me improve the quality of life and makes me feel good.  When we create works, I feel like creativity has the ability to solve have ability to solving any problem. Art makes you see the world in your own imagination.  Art is used to express emotions to others.  Art teaches us to bring on any new ideas to in to life.  Art teaches us that everything is art and it never ends. 

What motivates you to create?

1. Passion

When we love something or like something. We tend to go for it. It’s one of the motivations.

2. Knowledge 

When we have passion. It’s important to know or understand tools to create it.

3. Experiences

Practicing is key. Experience is one of the most precious things that we could learn and create art. Whether through traveling, conversation, work experiences, volunteering, etc. These things are always in your mind. It’s up to you what you want to pick and tell the story through your art.

4. Time

I used to think that time is not important and always make excuses to do things I love but through global pandemic situations. It taught me that we can manage time and why not do things that we love.



Tell me about Idarink.Store and your NFT collection? 

It was started during the beginning of NFT when people started to know about NFT and it’s perfect timing during global pandemics. I could manage time to do the project I’m passionate about.  This idea of “Alien Village” collections come from the idea of differences. I would like this village to represent differences from another whole different world. I intended to make only 100 characters. As I continued to draw, I didn’t want to limit myself. The more I draw. The more it comes out. There may be more than 100 characters.

What’s the idea behind this collection? 

The inspiration in this collection is to create another ideal world where we have friends who are totally different from us. Think of it as village of alliens, who migrated an alien village.  who migrated from their own planet to create a landmark on earth (but not thinking of ruling or destroying the world lol)  But to learn how to become human and create a different career, purpose, learn and develop their own potential to be harmonious  with the human world.

Which art trends inspire your current work?

Surrealism, Pop art

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Oh Futon, Nimura Daisuke, Yoshitomo Nara

Describe how art is important to society.

Art is considered a very important and necessary component in today’s life Art is considered as its components that are very important and necessary in today’s life.  because it is a part that helps make the society more livable. Art is not only in the classroom but it happens  all around us.  And it’s important to our society because it helps to raise people’s minds to the highest level so that we will always look at everything in an aesthetic way and help create happiness for society. For example, people who already have works of art and would like to show off their own work or exhibit in various places, Or even post it on social media. It’s better than keeping it to yourself without anyone knowing.  And art is also a reminder to people in society. Some pieces of art can be ideas or inspiration.  It is a reminder to live the life of the people in society how they should live.

How do you define success as an artist?

I think it’s more about whenever I want to work on any art projects and set a purpose and achieve it. Even though it’s not 100%, I think setting a goal for your work helps your satisfaction. For me that’s my success. It’s about loving what you do and working towards your goals and achieving them. As long as someone sees it and appreciates my work. That’s called success for me because that means my work tells something to the audience or at least it’s inspiring them even if it’s not being sold. 

If you could have 1 Magic in this world, what would it be? 

I want to be able to read other people’s minds.

What story would you like to leave behind? 

For those who are doing something, I want to say make it as if today is the last day and every job will always be good.  Finally, I would like to leave my NFT Collection Alien Village work on the Open Sea platform as well. This collection is very intentional.  because it was the first work that came out as an independent artist.


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