An inspiring interview with Boulomsouk: Paris filmmaker

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Tell us a little bit about yourself (Your name, what you do, your background)

I am a filmmaker, a photographer. I was born in Laos. After the Pathet Lao took power, like many other “Boat people”, her mother and I fled the country. MY mother was to find, in France, her husband, who left 15 days after my birth to do a long internship there. After months in a field of refugees in Thailand, we finally obtained a safe conduct, the « sesame » which allowed us to go to France where I grew up in the Paris region.

I question otherness and the notion of the place that accompanies it. This questioning comes from my “bing bang” of origins. I draw answers from people’s perceptions and senses. Without necessarily being in a quest for accuracy, but rather a search for impressions, in order to build individual stories that reveal sums of truth. Through emotions, sensations, it is the memory in the body, the transmission of my own history, but also of the stories that pass through us, those of a society, that it summons.

So many essential sidesteps to transpose into my creations with photography, video, painting, the transmission of our heritages, to better understand the future of our societies with the scratches and scars that inhabit us, in order to express them to make the world.

How did you find yourself on your career journey as a filmmaker?

I wasn’t supposed to be a filmmaker. I was supposed to be a lawyer. Probably the first with laotian origins according my father. But my fail to the lawyer exam changed it. After this incident, I decided to follow my desire which I put in silent for years. 

Please tell us one of your favorite productions so far, and why you like it

My first feature film made with only 5000€, with a wonderful team. 4 years of my life! It was so tough at the end for the post-production. Without any money, I had all the problem that you can imagine. But I did it!!! I learned a lot and I know I am capable of everything. And now I want for my second feature film peace of mind … but I know it’s wishful thinking. 

How do you find your strength?

Believe in myself, be with kind people, party a lot, have fun and rest as it’s possible. 

Who is you hero?

My parents, they left every behind them to stay alive and build another life together from nothing.

Would you rather choose ‘passion’ or ‘goal’ and why?

Always passion because I am an artist. When I was younger I thought more with  goals but I was on the wrong path but I needed to though it because I didn’t have landmarks to help me in this « industry », this « market ».  Since I decided to let go and take the time I need, follow the differs paths the life offers me, my passion is intact and I am lucky to do what I love to do, to be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people.

What past challenges have you met and how did you overcome them?

Responding to people’s requests for such and such a project corresponds to a supposed request from a channel, a client… When he had the budget, it was very easy, I am a mercenary. But when there is no budget, it becomes free labor with no certainty that the project will succeed. It’s tiring because an artist like everyone else has to eat and pay his/her rent.

Now as I learned to say no, and put my projects first, I do what I want and life is good. Sometimes it can be difficult but I know by experience, to be patience and life is cycles.

 If you have a chance to make any film without limitation, what would it be?

I don’t know it could be an anticipation film with space aliens and western and samurais.

What makes your life meaningful or happy?

To do what I love for living, have my love ones and family in good health and closed to me, be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people (I repeat myself). Traveling in the world, inside my mind and inside the mind of the people. 

Which role or which part in your job do you feel enjoyed the most?

I love every part of it but I do love to be in the set, in action and say « action »

 If you are running out of motivation, what would you do to inspire yourself again?

These last years, I felt myself dry to write another feature film. There is not subject strong enough to inspire me. Fortunately, I am also a photographer and a painter so I wasn’t worry so far. These last months, the inspiration came back because I decided to start another film I put aside in my mind and my friends share with me articles, videos, podcasts and it stimulates me. 

Inspiration must be nurtured to remain present, but you must also accept that it is absent. She always comes back and maybe by other ways

What is your advice for younger generations?

Nobody wait for you so : Let’s go!!! Go ahead!!!!

Have you already accomplished your goal, or are you chasing your dream?

Not goal, just life! I love to dream but life is more tasty. 

What would you tell your younger self?

I love you 

 Is there any project you are currently doing and want to promote it with us?

Everything and nothing in particular. Let’s the time do its job. Every film, series take 3 at 7 years so … 

If your story could be left to the world, it can make an impact. What would you like to tell? 

If I did it you can do it 


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