Remark the significant advantage to Southeast Asia’s business landscape


Brainfruit and WowCard Studio are delighted to announce our new partnership! This collaboration marks a significant advantage to Southeast Asia’s business landscape. This is a milestone for both of our firms as we are excited to build a more global presence. Our combined areas of expertise complement each other and together we will meet the needs of clients through an interdisciplinary approach to design and marketing. We work for clients who want to take a new and creative approach and who are passionate about growing this region. 


Who we are:


WowCard Studio is a multidisciplinary creative and consultancy agency based in Singapore and Yangon. Their approach to projects is unique. Firstly, they promote a collaborative environment where clients, key stakeholders, users and even audiences are engaged by way of being part of the creative and decision-making process. That way, clients will find the creative solutions resonant, meaningful and impactful. Secondly, their approach to projects is holistic and considered from every angle, attributed to a diverse talent pool with multidisciplinary expertise who is able to find design solutions that cater to a range of client and audience needs and wider work scope. Using this unique approach, WowCard Studio has positioned themselves to become one of Southeast Asia’s leading design studios. The aspiration that the studio shares with Brainfruit is bringing transformative impact on the businesses we work with, and positive change to the current business landscape.


To this partnership, Brainfruit brings two years of experience working in Thailand and Laos. Their mission is to provide comprehensive and creative marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Their first-class consultation services have helped clients find the answers to their marketing problems. With an intelligent and creative approach, they aim to demystify marketing and make it approachable and accessible to a wide audience. By nurturing understanding, Brainfruit provides a creative and open environment. The focus on intelligent and approachable values positions the agency to guide their clients towards the best resolutions to their questions and concerns.


How will we work together?


Separately, WowCard Studio and Brainfruit have developed our own ethos of collaboration, acceptance, and comprehensiveness. Brainfruit’s expertise lies in creative marketing and business support while WowCard Studio’s expertise lies in art and design.. By holding the same values but different focuses, both organizations are able to provide our clients with the most complete services.  At the intersection of art and business lie creative and meaningful innovations. Partnering together allows WowCard Studio and Brainfruit to provide full-service marketing solutions with a multidisciplinary approach to bringing together business and art.


WowCard and Brainfruit will blend our creative expertise, creating a synergy that will not only elevate our individual strengths but also broaden our influence across the ASEAN region and beyond. The things we have in common, such as our creative and accepting approaches, allow us to work together seamlessly. By melding art and business, we are creating an environment for innovation. By approaching our client’s needs with acceptance and understanding we are able to be holistic in our approach. By making an effort to constantly grow, and learn from multiple sources, we’re able to help others by connecting the dots between different ideas. We are particularly enthusiastic about how we can learn from each other and our unique points of view. The prospect of exploring new horizons, connecting with diverse audiences, and cultivating innovative ideas on a larger scale is a powerful driving force for both our organizations.  


Who will we help?


At both WowCard Studio and Brainfruit, our clients are businesses who want to take a different approach. They’re looking for guidance and they have an open mind about finding the right way to address their unique concerns. They care about bringing in viewpoints and perspectives that they haven’t been exposed to in order to find unexpected and creative answers to problems. 


Both Brainfruit and WowCard studio are committed to giving these organizations the tools they need for success. With our ability to create engaging and meaningful content, and our skill in promoting that content, we will give our clients the exposure they require to grow their businesses. By drawing upon multiple different sources and individual expertise, our unique approach gives us an advantage. 


What are we gonna do with our partnership?


Our first collaboration will have us working together to increase our outreach in the region and create opportunities to grow globally. We want to bring our specialities to small and medium businesses across ASEAN and help them find success. Bringing our experiences from working in four different countries, we’re positioned to meaningfully expand our reach to the rest of ASEAN and we have goals for further impact beyond this region. 


Our partnership is a reflection of our commitment to joining differing and unique voices to develop beautiful, creative, and approachable results.


By announcing this partnership, we invite you to join us on this exciting new adventure! As we step forward together we hope you will be a part of our journey. We are looking forward to growing along with our partners and clients. As we make moves in the ASEAN region, follow our journey on our various channels. To bring you along for the ride, we will actively share updates and ideas. Stay tuned for upcoming developments and fresh news straight from us! 


We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support. It has been invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate sharing our future endeavors with you. 

Thank you for being a part of this incredible chapter!


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