Exploring the world documenting travel, culture, and life with Aman Chotani I India Based photographer

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Tell us a little bit about yourself (Your name, what you do, your background)

I am a professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi, India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. I spent his formative years in India, but after traveling to South Africa to complete my master’s degree in Photography I discovered my passion for travel and photography. I began as an assistant to wildlife and travel photographer Louis Kleynhans. I quickly began exploring the world documenting travel, culture, and life and eventually moved back to New Delhi India where I started my photography journey.


Were you always a creative person? How did you get started in Photography?

Yes, as a kid, I loved watching movies. I loved exploring the camera for filmmaking as well as photography. Henceforth, I studied B.A.Cinema and then M.A Photography.

Could you tell us what are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on my first sci-fi series, along with that I am also working on various commercial projects.


As we see you work a lot in portrait photography/capturing people’s stories. How did you get inspired by this? What’s the motivation behind it?

Initially, I was not interested in shooting people, but it all changed for me once I started shooting animals. For me every face tells a great story, it’s for you to interpret it.


From your point of view, what makes a good picture? And why?

Suspense makes a good photo. And why? Is for the viewer to find out.


What is creativity for you?

Creativity for me is all about minimalism, and emptiness. In other words, less is more.


Is there any life story or experience that shaped you as a photographer/ creative entrepreneur?

My teacher Filmmaker Late Rahul Sehgal, he made me realize that I was born to shoot. Thereafter, I became more serious with my photography work.

Do you think art & creativity are important for our society? And Why?

Art and creativity make you aware of things and make you think differently from the world. I would say creativity is a blessing as well as a curse. One does not choose art, it chooses you.


What are you currently fascinated by? (books, music, artists, places, blogs – anything that you find interesting/inspiring)

Music has always been my inspiration and for me, that’s where the real art is.


How do you define a journey of success?

I think success is fictitious. I feel successful after every project I pursue.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Famous Photographer Mr. Raghu Rai once told me ‘to never stop shooting’. !


What would you like to be remembered for?

I would love to be remembered for my creations.


What are your personal & creative plans for the future?

There are various ideas in the pipeline, but for starters, I want to create maps/ visual tours of different cities of the world.


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